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I started this site as a way to minister to other women, specifically moms.  As a mom with young children I know the struggle of making time for Bible reading and prayer time.  It seems there is always someone needing something, a chore to be done, a mess to be cleaned up, or it’s finally time for me to get some sleep.  My prayer is that this site will encourage you to make time for God and His Word in your day and give you some ideas of how to make the most of that time.

Here is a behind the scenes look at how I got motivated to get into the Word and begin to minister to other women.


Two years ago I was busy homeschooling my oldest, watching two toddlers (one was a day care kid), and expecting my third.  Life was busy.  I was tired and lonely at times.  I also have an issue with anxiety and depression during my pregnancies, nothing major but definitely more than usual.  I knew I needed to strengthen my relationship with God and lean on Him during those long, exhausting days.  When my neighbor decided to host a Bible study in her home I offered to co-host.  I loved it and since I was co-hosting it forced me to actually make time for the reading.  Honestly, I was horrible about doing the daily work so I usually rushed through all the work within a couple of hours of our group meeting time but it was a start.  Our study was motivating me to get in the Word at least a little and pray more than I had been.

When baby #3 was born in November that year I lost all progress I had been making.  When December hit I told myself I was going to make some changes.  I bought a couple Christian living books to motivate me (stocking stuffers for myself) and I asked God to help me make Him my priority.  Even in the middle of the chaos of a newborn, an almost three-year-old, and a six-year-old homeschooler God helped me find the time to grow closer to Him.

The Plan- Get into the Word

I started Christmas night.  I had a plan to read through the whole Bible in a year and pray more intentionally.  In the past I had set similar goals and always found myself losing momentum quickly and eventually stopping altogether.  Knowing my tendency to do that I started reading my Bible at every opportunity I could with the hope of getting ahead of my schedule so that I wouldn’t be discouraged if I missed a couple of days later on.

I downloaded a Bible app onto my Ipad so that I would be able to read a chapter while waiting for kids to fall asleep and during night-time feedings.  Granted there were still interruptions and I was tired but I wasn’t finding it difficult to read 5-7 chapters a day.  I made it through all of January and was pumped by my success.  I was feeling closer to God which made praying to Him through out the day easier.  Then we started our Fervent study and I expected to lose some ground on my Bible reading since I had to make time for our new study.  Instead, it seemed like God provided me more time.  I was loving being in His Word so much that I didn’t realize how little time I was spending on the computer, checking my phone, watching Netflix, or reading fiction books.

The Flu-I’m a Pacifier-Let’s Move Out of State-Women’s Ministry

I made it through February (which included two weeks of the flu and the baby learning I will eventually give in and be his pacifier) and still hadn’t missed one day of Bible reading.  I realized that if I kept this pace I would be able to complete the Bible in six months instead of the year I had planned.  So with new motivation I moved my goal up and increased my daily reading (again planning on getting ahead so I was less discouraged if I missed a day).  I felt the need to share my new-found passion for God’s Word with other women.  This was intimidating but I took the next step I felt God leading me towards and I set up a meeting with a leader in our church’s women’s ministry.  She was very encouraging and also felt that God was leading me towards some kind of women’s ministry.  So I began praying about what and where God would put me (Did I mention that we decided to move out-of-state? Which meant packing, showing our home, looking for a new job, a new home, a new church, etc.).

By the end of March I was enjoying being in the Word so much and had a new energy for my daily life.  Throughout each week I found myself telling someone about how the chapters I had just read were relevant to something that was going on or that we were talking about.  I had a couple of women tell me that they had started setting daily reading goals after seeing the passion I had gained for the Word.  The conviction they felt really encouraged me that God was pointing me towards Women’s ministry.

Bible Study+Prayer Time=Better Mommy

By the end of April I’d met my goal.  Since Christmas I had read the whole Bible, co-hosted a Christian book study group, attended a group Bible study hosted at my church, and I read a couple other Christian living books I had picked up for encouragement.  I found myself making time for Bible study and prayer time.  I was also listening to Christian music more and watching less tv (and what I did watch was usual Christian based).  This was my new normal.

I decided to spend May diving into the book of Romans.  I read it many times and completed a couple Bible studies based on it.  I also re-read Proverbs and some Psalms throughout the month.  We listed our home and had offers immediately which, while a blessing, created a few week gap between our closing and when housing would be ready for us in our new hometown.  So the kids and I packed up and headed to a different state to live with my sister-in-law while my husband stayed behind to keep working.

Following God’s Will Through the Chaos

In June I decided I would slow down my Bible study and just planned to read through James a few times and go through my James study guide.  But God had other plans.  He intensified my desire to reach out and minister women and other moms even though I was living in someone else’s home with my three young children, while my husband was in a different state, and we had no solid plans of when we would actually be able to move.  So I started writing and set up this site so that I could start encouraging others.

Now, a year later, I have grown to trust God more than ever before and feel like I am following the path He has laid out for me.  I continue in my passion for God’s Word and women’s ministry.  I pray that I can encourage you to do so as well.

Hardships+Faith=Trusting God

FYI- My life didn’t become perfect, I didn’t become perfect because I prayed and read my Bible.  My kids still fight, disobey, interrupt, and make messes.  I still get angry and still yell but I’ve made a lot of progress and have learned to ask my children for forgiveness when I lose my cool.  The baby still refuses to take a bottle or pacifier and still wakes multiple times at night.  I still get exhausted but I feel renewed after my nightly Bible study and the few hours of uninterrupted sleep that I do get.  I still feel discouraged sometimes and feel like I’m failing at this mom thing but now I can fight off those feelings easier because I’m learning to go to God in prayer about these feelings and seek reassurance in the Scriptures.  God does not take away your hardships as you grow closer to Him.  He gives you wisdom and love to be able to handle them with Him.




  1. Author

    Thank you for the encouragement! That’s quite the accomplishment, I never seem to make it through the whole “Bible in a year” lol I spend too long on one part! I hope your ministry is very blessed 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you! As I read through I made a lot of notes and planned what I wanted to dig deeper into through out the rest of this year.

  2. Author

    I love to hear of the life change reading the Word accomplishes in women’s lives. Thanks for the encouragement to be intentional and organized with my Bible-reading!

  3. Author

    What passion for the Word! So inspiring! I love how you realize how life doesn’t become perfect but faith is strengthened and God’s wisdom breath ed into our lives through the Word.

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