Character Studies

Character Study

I believe that studying character traits is important for kids and adults.  I will be writing up short studies for a number of character traits and posting them under the Character Trait tab above.  These short studies can be useful just for you as you work on a specific trait but they will also be useful in training up your children.  I encourage you to find time to study character traits as a family.

These studies will included a definition of the character trait, some questions you can discuss with your children, and are followed by verses that pertain to that particular character trait.

I suggest your family pick at least one of two verses from each character study to work on memorizing.  Teens and parents can work on memorizing the whole verse but some of the verses may be too long or difficult for younger kids.  I will show you the part of each verse that we use to train up our young kids by placing it in italics.

For traits that you feel you or your children need to work on more I highly recommend that you visit the links to helpful resources that I place at the end of each post in the “Around the Web” section.

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