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Bible Study

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Finding time to study the Bible is hard.  Finding time to study the Bible without being interrupted can be nearly impossible as a mom with young kids.  Most moms struggle with finding time to even read the Bible let alone find time to actually dig deeper and study it.  I pray that you can find the way that works best for you in your season of life right now, whether that be independent study, group study, family study, or online study.

-In person group study- Find a church or community Bible study that you can join (or start one).  Some of these group studies offer free child care or meet in the evening when Dad is hopefully available to watch the kids.  In person studies are not always easy to be part of when you have little ones but I encourage you to try.  Even if you only make it to one or two sessions you will benefit from studying God’s word in a group and learning from other women.  If you find it too are hard to make the sessions you can at least finish the Bible study on your own at home.

-Online Bible study group- Join a Bible study community like Good Morning Girls (GMG), Proverbs 31, or Women’s Bible Café.  Whether they are studying a specific book of the Bible, a specific person of the Bible, a focused topic, or a Christian living book ,online studies help you experience the love of God through a community of believers.  Another great thing about being part of a group study (in person or online) is accountability.  You are much more likely to finish (or at least complete some of) your weekly reading and homework if you are going to be part of the group discussion.  I joined a Facebook GMG group years ago and am still facebook friends with most of the women from my group even though we have not done a study together in the last two years.  These women still inspire me to grow a deeper relationship with Christ just by their God-loving and encouraging posts.

-Study by book- One way to study your Bible is by doing an in-depth study into a particular book of the Bible.  Some good ones to start with from the old testament are Genesis, Daniel, or Esther and from the new testament I would start with Luke, Romans, and James.  You can work your way through a book just by reading it or you could go deeper and use commentaries or even a bible study based on that book.

-Study by topic or person- Periodically I like to study a specific topic or person in the Bible.  You may want to study Paul and all the letters he wrote encouraging the church and other believers.  Or you may want to study Abraham and track references to him throughout the Bible.  My topic studies usually focus on a character trait that my kids or I need to work on; such as, patience.  But I also enjoy digging into a topics like prayer, salvation, and spreading the gospel.  Just like doing a specific book study, you can pick a topic and study it yourself, with commentaries, or with a Bible study focused on that topic.

-Inductive study- Using the Bible to study the Bible instead of outside Bible studies and books.  This has been my main approach to Bible study for the last year.  I wrote a post about it that you can find here – Using the Bible to Study the Bible.  I highly recommend the book “How to Study Your Bible Discover the Life-Changing Approach to God’s Word” by Kay Arthur, David Arthur, and Pete De Lacy

-Bible lessons with your kids- Whether you home school or not you should try to incorporate Bible lessons into your kids’ week.  There are lots of short Bible lessons for kids available and some great children’s Bibles and devotionals.  Take a few minutes each day to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and your kids while teaching them to love the Lord.

For more advice about different ways I try to saturate my life with God you can read my other posts in the Saturate Your Life series- Bible Reading, Praise and Worship, Memorization, Prayer, More Ideas, and Church.

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