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I love going to church, Sunday school, and even Sunday evening meetings!  I’m always a little shocked when I meet other Christians who do not have a home church.  To me there is something about actually attending church and being surrounded by familiar faces of other believers each week that cannot be replaced by tv sermons, pod casts, or occasional visits to a local church.  During the week I might listen to some other sermons and pod casts but for me church is about being surrounded by the body of Christ and encouraging one another.  So I ask you to try and find a home church if you don’t currently have one.  If you are a member of a local congregration, are you taking part in their small groups, discipleship trainings, or prayer meetings?

-Attend Church-  Find a church that you can attend each week and worship alongside other believers.  Become part of a Church family that will encourage you in your walk with Christ and will offer you opportunities to learn and grow with them.

-Attend Small Group/Sunday School–  Become part of a smaller group of believers that you can relate to well (classes geared towards young families).  There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from the Godly counsel of other believers.  It is such a blessing to have people in your life that are in the same boat as you or a little bit further ahead who will come along side and encourage you in everyday life as well as in your walk with the Lord.  The same is true in reverse as well.  You will receive great blessings from helping encourage other families who are facing the same struggles that you have overcome.

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