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More Ideas

Saturate Your Life Series More Ideas

So far in my Saturate Your Life with God series I have given you tips to help you with Bible Reading, Praise and Worship, Memorization, Bible Study, and Prayer.  Now I would just like to offer up a few other ideas for creating an atmosphere that saturates you with God’s Word.

-Sermons and Podcasts- You can search online and find a bunch of great sermons and podcasts available for free.  You may also have a radio station in your area that plays sermons during a certain time each day.  This is a great way to saturate your life with the Word.

-Dramatized Audio Bible- I wanted to be able to listen to the Bible while I did things with the kids so I did some research and found a great Audio Bible that is dramatized.  The kids don’t mind having it on in the background because it is more exciting than a straight reading and it keeps my attention better (pretending to need rescuing from a super hero for the hundredth time in a row can be distracting).

-Movies- There are a number of movies based on the Bible or on a specific book or person in the Bible.  These can be great additions to your Bible study especially if you are a visual learner.  Please do your research and make sure that the movie is Biblically accurate.  If it’s a major motion picture odds are it is not a good portrayal of Scripture.  If you see a movie and have a question about its accuracy please read your Bible and make sure you know the true accounts of what happened.

For more advice about different ways I try to saturate my life with God you can read my other posts in the Saturate Your Life series- Bible Reading, Praise and Worship, Memorization, Bible Study, Prayer, and Church.

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