Saturate Your Life Series Prayer

Saturate your day with prayer.  I know this is tough for most of us (I struggle with it constantly) but it is so important to make sure we are intentionally spending time talking to God everyday.  I’m really good at saying a quick prayer when I see a need posted on Facebook or I see someone struggling through their day but I need a better prayer life if I want to grow my relationship with Christ.

-Daily Prayer Time-  I encourage you to set a daily prayer time even if it has to be at a different time each day because of your schedule.  Start slow if your feel overwhelmed by a scheduled prayer session. Maybe aim for 5 minutes everyday the first week and slowly increase.  There’s a lot of days that I can only fit in 5 minutes of un interrupted prayer but that intentional prayer time along with my other quick prayer times throughout the day keep me close to my King.

-Pray before meals- I find it crazy how many times my children have to remind me that we need to pray before eating.  I get so busy preparing to eat that I forget to thank God for His provisions.  Try to remember to slow down and pray before eating and not just a quick generic prayer.  There are lots of ways to acknowledge God’s work and provision before meals; such as, thanking Him for the seasons that allow the crops to grow, for the farmers who work hard to harvest their crops, that we have enough to eat, and ask Him to bless the food.

-Prayer throughout the day- I get some of my prayer time in during little moments throughout the day.  I like to pray when I’m waiting in line somewhere or especially while I’m driving.  I also like to pray about my day as I shower (which, sadly, never happens daily) or when I’m getting dressed (which honestly doesn’t happen every day either [I love homeschooling]).

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