I love going to church, Sunday school, and even Sunday evening meetings!  I’m always a little shocked when I meet other Christians who do not have a home church.  To me there is something about actually attending church and being surrounded by familiar faces of other believers each week thatRead More →

So far in my Saturate Your Life with God series I have given you tips to help you with Bible Reading, Praise and Worship, Memorization, Bible Study, and Prayer.  Now I would just like to offer up a few other ideas for creating an atmosphere that saturates you with God’sRead More →

Saturate your day with prayer.  I know this is tough for most of us (I struggle with it constantly) but it is so important to make sure we are intentionally spending time talking to God everyday.  I’m really good at saying a quick prayer when I see a need postedRead More →

Finding time to study the Bible is hard.  Finding time to study the Bible without being interrupted can be nearly impossible as a mom with young kids.  Most moms struggle with finding time to even read the Bible let alone find time to actually dig deeper and study it.  IRead More →

How much Scripture do you have memorized?  Can you quickly think up verses and at least a general location for them when a need arises? I do not have a very good memory.  I can study a verse quickly and recite it back to you within about a 30 minuteRead More →

Before I started my journey to saturate my life with God I was easily upset.  If my morning started rough than I knew the whole day was going to be rough because I couldn’t seem to switch my attitude from upset and defeated to happy and thankful.  When I wasRead More →

How often are you reading God’s Word?  Like a lot of women, do you find it hard to prioritize Bible reading when you’re trying to survive the chaos of raising your precious children?  Most of us know that we need to and want to be spending time in the Word everydayRead More →