We believe it is important to teach our children good work ethic.  No matter what you do in life there will always be work to do.  One of the best things we can do for our children is to teach them to do their work quickly, correctly, and joyfully asRead More →

Character trait studies you can do with your kids! Honesty Principle- God always wants us to be honest and not to lie or trick anyone What is honesty?-  truthfulness, what really happened, exactly what happened, what is real, the complete story What is a lie?-  untruthful, not what happened, notRead More →

Character Trait studies for mom and kids! Obedience Principle- God always wants everyone to be obedient to him and wants children to be obedient to their parents What is obedience?-  following the rules, doing what I’m told (immediately), consent with contentment, heed to authority What is an example of being obedient?-Read More →

Character Trait studies you can do with your children! Attentiveness Principle- God wants us to show people we think they are worthy by giving our undivided attention to their words, feelings, and actions. What is attentiveness?- listening to what the other person is saying, doing, and feeling without getting distracted orRead More →

Contentment Principle- We need to realize that God has given us everything that we need to be happy in our present circumstances. Ask yourself and your children these questions and see what answers you/they can come up with before you start working on contentment.  After you have spent time working on it re-askRead More →

I believe that studying character traits is important for kids and adults.  I will be writing up short studies for a number of character traits and posting them under the Character Trait tab above.  These short studies can be useful just for you as you work on a specific trait butRead More →