The Armor of God Bible Study Review

The Armor of God Bible Study Review

The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer 7-session Bible study

Why should you do this study based on the armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-19?

“Because this is war.  The fight of your life.  A very real enemy has been strategizing and scheming against you, assaulting you, coming after your emotions, your mind, your man, your child, your future.  In fact, he’s doing it right this second.  Right where you’re sitting.  Right where you are.” (Intro page 5)

This is such a great study.  Priscilla walks you through each piece of armor describing what it’s purpose is, why it’s so important, and what it looks like to put on our armor in everyday life.

This is not a light-hearted, feel-good study.  This study will open your eyes to the spiritual war going on around you.  You will be made aware of the work the enemy is trying to accomplish in your life.  You will learn how to take up the full armor of God and stand firm in your trials (Eph. 6:13).  You will learn how to focus on God even while the enemy is trying to pull your focus anywhere else.

“You’ll see your salvation becoming a defensive, protective device that covers you, shields you, and protects you against the schemes of the devil.  It enables you to lead whole, healthy lives not fractured by the enemy’s deceptive strategies.” (page 156)

Ladies, this study will empower you to strategically fight the enemy in your everyday lives.  I encourage you to make time for this study (with a group or even alone).  I also recommend reading Priscilla Shirer’s book Fervent (book review here) along with this study because you will get even more great ideas that will motivate you to pray and stand firm throughout your day.

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