Raising Godly Children Part 1

Raising Godly Children

One day my kids and I were listening to a Jonathan Park Adventure on cd on the way to Grandma’s house.  In the story Jonathan’s teacher would not let him talk about God in the classroom.  My daughter wanted to know why Jonathan wasn’t allowed to talk about God.  I explained that the school doesn’t let teachers teach children about God and told her that is part of the reason that we are homeschooling.  I told her since she gets to do school at home we can talk about God.  Her response was, “But we don’t talk about God much”.


I was taken aback by this honest statement presented by my 7 year-old.  I tried defending myself by pointing out the few times a day that we do make a point to talk about God (Bible lesson in our curriculum, awana memory verse practice, and a few God moments) but I knew I had just been called out by God.  My job is to be teaching my children about God’s love and mercy and I speak about Him so little that my daughter honestly feels that we don’t talk about Him.  My children may be seeing me read my Bible and doing studies but I’m not spending enough time pointing them towards God.  My journey expands past me changing my focus to me shifting the focus of my entire family so that God is the center of our day-to-day lives.  So begins a series I’m calling “Raising Godly Children”.

Tomorrow in Part 2 we will look at Deuteronomy 6:5-9 in more depth but I really like what Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary says about verses 6-16 so we will look at it today.

Deuteronomy 6:6-16 Here are means for maintaining and keeping up religion in our hearts and houses. 1. Meditation. God’s words must be laid up in our hearts, that our thoughts may be daily employed about them. 2. The religious education of children. Often repeat these things to them. Be careful and exact in teaching thy children. Teach these truths to all who are any way under thy care. 3. Pious discourse. Thou shalt talk of these things with due reverence and seriousness, for the benefit not only of thy children, but of thy servants, thy friends and companions. Take all occasions to discourse with those about thee, not of matters of doubtful disputation, but of the plain truths and laws of God, and the things that belong to our peace. 4. Frequent reading of the word. God appointed them to write sentences of the law upon their walls, and in scrolls of parchment to be worn about their wrists. This seems to have been binding in the letter of it to the Jews, as it is to us in the intent of it; which is, that we should by all means make the word of God familiar to us; that we may have it ready to use upon all occasions, to restrain us from sin, and direct us in duty. We must never be ashamed to own our religion, nor to own ourselves under its check and government.

Keeping religion in our hearts and homes-

1. Mediate on God’s Word Daily

2. Repeat Religious Education Often

3. Take All Occasions to Talk About Religion

4. Read God’s Word Frequently

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