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Bible Reading

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How often are you reading God’s Word?  Like a lot of women, do you find it hard to prioritize Bible reading when you’re trying to survive the chaos of raising your precious children?  Most of us know that we need to and want to be spending time in the Word everyday but we just don’t know how to make it a priority when we keep getting distracted by the needs of the home and little ones surrounding us.

Here are some of the things I have found beneficial as I have started working on shifting my focus and changing my priorities.

-Set a goal- If you read 3-4 chapters a day you should be able to make it through the whole Bible in a year.  If you feel that you cannot manage that much set a smaller goal such as, one chapter and one psalm a day or even just one chapter.  Make your goal something you feel you can accomplish.  Reading your Bible should not cause stress so don’t aim for a goal that will cause anxiety.  You can always read more if you end up having time.  You may even find yourself increasing your daily reading goal as you get use to making it a priority.

-Keep your Bible open- If you keep your Bible open in a convenient place you will be more likely to read it when you have a few minutes between chores, chauffeur runs, cooking meals, and refereeing kids.  Choose a place like the kitchen counter, dining table, or coffee table, some place you will see it and can comfortably stop and read for a little while.

-Start your day with a Psalm or Proverb-  Reading a psalm or proverb first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day.  It will help you focus on God as you start your day.  And it can count towards your daily chapter goal.

-Bible on computer, tablet, or phone- As much as I’d like to encourage you to read from an actual printed Bible for most of your study time, there is nothing wrong with reading Scripture on your computer, tablet, or phone.  If it is more convenient at the time to read off your phone instead of pulling out your Bible by all means do it.  I usually read my daily chapters on my ipad as I sit in my kids’ room waiting for them to fall asleep each night.  It’s also easier to read from my ipad or phone while I’m nursing the baby.  I usually use my printed Bibles for all of my actual study time.

-Bible Study apps– You can download a Bible Study app; such as First Five, and join others in learning the same scriptures that day.  Apps like this can be very helpful for a busy mom because they are fairly short, conveniently accessed from your phone, and they help remind you to get in the Word.

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