Saturate Your Life Series Memorization

How much Scripture do you have memorized?  Can you quickly think up verses and at least a general location for them when a need arises?
I do not have a very good memory.  I can study a verse quickly and recite it back to you within about a 30 minute time frame but actual long-term memorization of Scripture is hard.  I know how important it is to know at least some key verses and I can see the benefit of knowing large portions of Scripture so I’m working hard to start memorizing the Word.  Here are some of the ways I’m doing that.  I hope these tips can help you on your journey to memorize God’s Word as well.

-Verses in key places- Choose a verse that you really want to learn and write it out on several different cards and place them in key places around your home such as your fridge, by your couch, next to your bed, and in your bathroom.  You can even write a verse directly on your mirror with dry erase markers or window writers.  If you have any chalk boards, white boards, or cork boards around your home these are easy places to write or stick verses on and are easily changed.

-Car verses- Choose a different verse to practice in the car.  Have you ever thought about how much time you spend just waiting in your car?  Stop lights, drive thrus, school pick up, etc.  Write your verse on a sticky note and stick it to your dash.  When you find yourself waiting at a stop light you can easily test yourself on your verse without having to take your hands off the wheel.

-Pocket verses- Just like we spend a lot of time waiting in our cars, we spend a lot of time waiting around outside our cars.  Appointments, lines, kid’s activities, etc.  Choose a third verse that you want to learn and write it on a card that will easily fit in your pocket.  If you usually do not have pockets, place the card in your purse or diaper bag but make sure it’s easily accessible and preferably visible as soon as you open the bag.  Pull it out and practice for a couple of minutes next time you are sitting at the park or waiting for the soccer game to start.

-Phone verses- If you do not think you would use pocket verses and know that a card would just get lost in your diaper bag, try phone verses.  Create your own back drop with the verse you are learning or type your verse as a note. Set a rule for yourself that you will read over the verse at least once before checking Facebook and then do it (before every Facebook check in).

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