Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship

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Before I started my journey to saturate my life with God I was easily upset.  If my morning started rough than I knew the whole day was going to be rough because I couldn’t seem to switch my attitude from upset and defeated to happy and thankful.  When I was feeling so hopeless on those days it was difficult on more than just me.  My kids suffered, my husband suffered, and my home suffered from my inability to find joy on the difficult days.
I have slowly learned to how to turn my attitude around (most of the time).  I’ve learned that, for me, praise and worship in the morning and throughout the day help me to refocus on God and the joy I can find only through Christ.

-Morning Praise- Another great way to start your day (maybe after you’ve read your psalm or proverb) is a quick morning praise.  When we take time to praise God in the morning it helps focus us on Him and be grateful for all He has given us.

-Music- Turn on Christian music.  Whether it’s older hymns or contemporary songs, having uplifting music playing throughout the day will help keep your focus on God and hopefully remind you to get in the Word and pray.

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