Moms Let’s Make God Number One

Moms Let’s Make God Number One

Moms Let's Make God Number One

Looking at my schedule one might think I’m not that busy. But moms know better. While my schedule gives structure to my day it doesn’t factor in all the nursing, the chores, the tantrums, the teachable moments, the fights, the laughter, the tears, the cuddles, the dirty diapers, the “mommy, mommy, mommy”s, the “oops”s, the “owies”s, the “one more time”s, the “play with me”s, and the daily failings and victories of motherhood.

Whether our schedules show it or not motherhood, especially in the early years, is a busy and demanding time. Someone is always needing something from us whether it’s fed, changed, bathed, loved on, taught, corrected, played with, or listened to. And in the background the laundry piles grow, the dishes stack up, the cupboards start running low, the dirt and dog fur start collecting, the toys all over the floor multiply, and the weeds keep growing.

All the while our Bible rarely gets opened, devotions are rushed, prayer time is short, and Sunday morning’s focus is on getting out the door instead of on preparing for worship.

Moms, I get it. I’m there too. My kids are currently 8, 4, and 1. We homeschool and I watch a couple other young kids during the week. I understand the sometimes overwhelming, incessant needs of little ones, the struggles of trying to teach independent life skills, the unending effort to encourage positive character traits, the battles that come with everything from sleeping to weaning, to school work, to what to eat, and even the crying fits when you didn’t do something exactly how they expected, or they wanted the red cup, or just because it’s Tuesday.

In the early years of motherhood there were months where my Bible lay untouched from Sunday after church until the next Sunday on the way to church. There were times I just didn’t want to do Bible study and there were times that I felt I’d be motivated to study God’s Word if only I could figure out a way to make it to a group Bible study. My prayer life wavered back and forth between almost non-existent and praying for sleep, a kid to get well, or for the baby to stop crying.

Becoming a mom changed my priorities, as it did yours I’m sure. Whether you gave birth, fostered, adopted, or became a step parent your priorities changed when you took on the role of mom. You became responsible for someone else. Someone who, in most cases, is not able to survive without assistance. It became your job to raise the child up, teach them right from wrong, educate them, guide them in decision making, and correct them when needed. Your priorities shifted because of their importance and needs.
As moms we struggle to keep our kids out of the top priority spot.

Our number one priority should always be God.

The needs of our children, family, and home start to consume us. As we try to keep up with our roles as homemaker, wife, and mother we have a tendancy to drop God down our priority list. Not because we don’t believe He deserves to be first but because the other priorities demand (sometimes loudly) our attention.

Moms let’s place God back (or for the first time in your life) in the number one spot!  How can we do this when we are feeling overwhelmed with the daily needs of motherhood?  We come together as a community!  Let’s encourage one another to make time for our Lord!  Let’s find people who will hold us accountable!  Let’s build up relationships with other moms from church, work, or even online so that we can sharpen each other (Proverbs 27:17).  Let’s find older women who are willing to encourage us as wives and mothers and let’s come up and lead the younger women around us(Titus 2:3-5).  Let’s love God above all else!

Matthew 28:37 Jesus declared, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

My page Saturate Your Life has links to a number of my posts with helpful tips on how to make time for God in your busy schedule.



  1. Author

    We have homeschooled our 3 for 4 years now and I completely understand. Thanks for sharing this today! Your blog neighbor over at #S&L ~

  2. Author

    Great post! This is definitely a habit I try to work on daily. I once went through a season of where my bible was untouched from Sunday to Sunday and it burdened me! I was constantly running on little patience and growth within myself. When ever I feel like I’m getting just the tiniest bit anxious about something, I ask myself, did I read my word today. Truth is for me, that is what keeps me at peace most days.

  3. Author

    This post will be featured on the next Salt and Light Link Up on Married by His Grace page. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Author

    This is great! It definitely takes a village which almost flies in he face of modern day society, work, and motherhood. Amazing piece. Thanks for this. I have to tell myself every day to make my time with God more meaningful and not just an item on my to-do list. #HisGraceGirls

  5. Author

    I so get this:)
    We need to be filled with Jesus in order to pour out to our kids. I can’t make it a day without Him so i need to somehow get time with Him:)
    Visiting from #Salt&Light

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